Scholarship Information

The chapter scholarship program is designed to provide financial assistance for members to attend the ALA National Conference and the Regional Council Conference. In addition, by awarding activity points for participation, the Chapter hopes to increase member participation and attendance at events. For more information, please contact Laine Czapski.



Each year at the Chapter’s Annual Business Meeting, typically held in February, the Maryland Chapter President will award a scholarship to members in good standing, based on the criteria outlined below. The definition of “good standing” is in accordance with the Maryland Chapter’s By-Laws.

The number of scholarships to be awarded will be determined by the Voting Members of the Chapter Board at the January Board Meeting. The Board’s decision will be based on the Chapter’s financial state and other factors that might affect the financial stability of the Chapter. The Voting Members of the Chapter’s Executive Board can decide not to make any awards in a particular year.

If any of the members selected for the scholarship award are unable to attend that year’s conference or decline the award, then the next member eligible for the award will be selected. The scholarship awards will cover conference registrations and travel expenses based on the Maryland Chapter Travel Policy.

The scholarship will be awarded to those members who have earned the most scholarship points during the prior calendar year. Members are eligible to win a scholarship in consecutive years. Points are awarded based on a member’s participation and involvement in the Maryland Chapter. The Chapter’s Executive Board members are not eligible to win scholarships during their tenure.


Points Earned

Attendance at a monthly meeting (this includes morning session, luncheon afternoon or evening social, or a webinar sponsored by the MD ALA at a member firm) 5
Attendance at the Annual Managing Partners Event 10
Attendance at the Annual Business Partners Exhibit Hall 10
Attendance at the Annual Business Partners Event 10
YEAR-END BONUS POINTS Attendance at all events (including but not limited to monthly meetings, managing partners event and both business partners events) 15
Host an ALA Webinar at your firm. Each active member at your firm who attends the Webinar will receive these points. 10
Chair a Committee 25
YEAR-END BONUS POINTS Chair for each successive year 5
Active member of a Committee for at least six months of the calendar year 15
YEAR-END BONUS POINTS Committee member for each successive year 5
Participation in each Community Connection Event (e.g., participation in both the food drive and group project will earn a member 10 points) 5
Participation in an ALA Miscellaneous Event (e.g., Bar Conference Booth) 5
Refer a prospective member, resulting in that person joining the Chapter (in order to obtain points, the referring member’s name must appear on the new membership application) 20
Join as a new member 20
Bring a guest to a monthly meeting (this includes a morning session, luncheon or afternoon or evening social) 5
Volunteer to write an article for the Chapter Newsletter (exclusion: points will not be awarded to members who are required to write a newsletter article (e.g., President’s Message, Scholarship Recipient’s article). 10
New Mentor Assignment 10
Achieve Certified Legal Manager (CLM) designation 20